Main Fly Fishing Lake

The fees to fish the Main Fly Fishing Lake are: €30 or 3 hours (or any part thereof). Catch and release is the preferred option.

Retained fish

•           Up to 3lbs: €10 per fish

•           From 3lbs to 6lbs: €20 per fish

•           From 6lbs to 12lbs: €30 per fish

•           Over 12lbs: €40

•           Bag limit is 3 fish per angler.


Equipment Hire

Equipment for hire include: rods, reels, lines, casts and nets: All in at €20. In the interests of safety and personal protection, guests are required to wear a hat/cap and glasses whilst fishing.


•           Full fly casting instruction (approx. 1 hour): €50 per person

•           A basic introductory lesson on fly fishing (approx. 15 mins): €20 per person

•           Requests for fly fishing lessons must be made by prior appointment, before arrival.

•           Fishing Guide can be provided if requested in advance at €60 for up to 3 people for 3 hours.


Small or Junior Pond

•           The junior pond is open at weekends only and is available by prior arrangement/booking.

•           Fly fishing and bait fishing is allowed.

•           Fee: €15 per person, which includes bait and bait fishing equipment.

•           Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

•           Children must be 7 years or older and must be able to fish

•           All fish must be killed and paid for at €5 per fish.

•           Bag limit: 3 fish per person.

•           Throwing stones, discarding rubbish or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone who engages in same will be asked to leave.

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